Number 1, Best Professional Drone Pilot For Hire UK

If you need a professional drone pilot for hire UK or internationally, Dan Marsh Films are the company you have been looking for.

We are an experienced company that has worked on drone-related projects in a diverse range of fields, including feature films, dramas, architectural surveys, and extreme sports. Our capabilities with a drone save companies time and money while keeping people safe from dangerous video shots.

Dan Marsh Films are leaders in the drone industry. Our CAA operator’s license allows for commercial flying and includes night flying permissions. With more than 4 years of drone flying and over 250 hours of logged flights, Dan Marsh has the expertise and knowledge to get the perfect shots for your project.  Every project is planned and executed in an efficient safe manner, the company has fully comprehensive insurance with 10 million pounds public liability cover.

Professional Drone Pilot For Hire UK

Professional Drone Pilot For Hire UK and Internationally

Our portfolio includes UK based and international projects. We have operated around the world on 5 different continents completing a variety of diverse projects.

Visit our website for more details about our business model and service. Our email address and phone number are available for direct enquiries.

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