Brilliant Drone Operator UK, With 5 Star Skills

Dan Marsh Films is one of the leading providers of services as a drone operator UK.  Offering quality drone video footage and photographs for multiple industries. Whether it’s construction surveys, promotional branded videos or producing footage for documentaries, Dan Marsh Films can deliver a high-quality end product at a competitive price.

Do you need a Drone Operator in the UK? Dan Marsh Films is a company with extensive film and photography experience. Our projects cover a broad spectrum of interests and industries, on occasion working in extremely challenging environments around the world. We produce high-quality videography and photography shoots using industry-renowned camera and drone technology.

We are CAA certified, with permission for night flying and have worldwide comprehensive insurance for international products. The company also has public liability cover to a total amount of 10 million pounds.

During a project, we will help and advise every step of the way. Our many years of experience in this field ensures that meticulous planning and preparation goes into integrating drones in a safe manner. We are able to achieve this while still obtaining the maximum effect for video clips and photos.

The equipment we use includes the DJI Inspire 2, one of the leaders in its field in terms of drone technology. Its strength and stability allow it to fly in adverse conditions that are too challenging for other drones. Combined with the X7 camera it allows for the capture of unbelievable ariel footage. Equipment such as this is invaluable in maintaining our position as a leading drone operator UK. 


Drone Operator UK

Dan Marsh Films - Drone Operator UK

We deliver a personal level of service that will support you through your project from the first phone call to the delivery of the finished product. For more information about the drone services available please visit our website or contact us directly via email or phone.

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